A big Thank You must go to Seb Mower for all his hard work and patience with me while he developed this new website. I have been keen to have a website that looks like this for a couple of years now and had some pretty specific ideas in mind for Seb to work with! Thankfully most of these were easily achievable, but I managed to give him the odd headache with layouts and how to size images for the best image quality, which he took in his stride!

Seb has been a talented self-employed SEO Consultant for several years now and helped me with my previous website, optimizing it for search engines and also advising me on how to improve the user experience through layout, text and image changes.

With a light-hearted yet clinical and professional attitude he has the right balance of ‘lets get this work done’ and ‘lets have a coffee’ that makes for a chap who is great to work with!

You can see more of his achievements on his website and I couldn’t recommend him any higher, www.sebdigital.com

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