My qualification with the Society of Wedding Photographers!

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded ‘Licentiateship in Photography’ (LSWPP) with the Society of Wedding Photographers! This qualification means the Society see my work as being of a consistent standard of imagery that shows professional competence!
In the process of applying for this amazing step in my career I found myself being sent on a nostalgic trip down memory lane! Looking through all of the weddings I have photographed over the years I remembered fun moments I have forgotten, brilliant shots that captured the couple’s characters and love perfectly and the fun I have had.
Seven years and over 100 weddings has taught me a lot about myself, my style and interacting with others to get the best possible photos. Most importantly it has shown me how lucky I am to be a part of peoples day and how important my role is. My style has grown and developed with time, especially when seeing the joy my work gives when the photos reflect my couples being themselves, laughing and smiling together and with their friends, the natural emotions and unique moments they share.
I wanted to bring this air of natural happiness to my panel of twenty photos that I had to submit to the judging panel. Knowing that these four masters were looking for thoughtfully composed, well lit, well posed photographs that show understanding of camera control and post production work meant the pressure was on, especially when my favourite images often have an air of unposed spontaneity to them!

The selection show a range of shots from the bride getting, through to the ceremony, group photos, couple photos and evening pictures, and I feel these are 20 of my very best photos. Thankfully the judging panel agreed and I am delighted to have receive the Licentiate Qualification from them.
My award certificate is already hanging proudly in the office and in all honesty this Licentiate is deemed as the standard level within the Society, with Associate, Fellow and Master above this. The jump to Associate, only the top 10% of members have this award, is something I would love to achieve and I am determined to take on board the advice I have received and grow. This is more so that I can improve my work for future wedding couples, but also to prove to myself that I am improving every day I walk out of the house with my camera.
On my favourite comments was this, ‘A well thought through and well executed panel. Conceptual ideas, composition and lighting show ambition.’ which to me sums up my opening agenda of showing off my style in my panel!
I hope you too like my panel of twenty photographs and a big thank you goes to each of the couples pictured, their guests and all of my wedding couples over the last seven years for allowing me to be a part of their amazing days.

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