Into the Night Photography

Below are a selection of photos that show off the type of pictures I can take at your wedding as the day heads into the night and the partying begins! Instead of ending my coverage half an hour after the first dance I will stay til 10:30pm to document the celebrations on the dancefloor, your evening guests enjoying themselves, the venue at night and yourselves in the twilight and darkness.

These couple portraits have an air of fairytale about them and I feel them sum up the romance of the wedding day perfectly, which is why I love to take them! To add an extra special touch I can produce one of my, now seemingly famous, sparkler trail portraits for you! In this I run around you both, leaving a trail through the photo, and the effect can be really striking!

Pictured suppliers include Oomphf Band. DJ Brian Mole, Tentario, Southern Events, Tents N Events and Meridian Marquees.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and if you have any queries please do get in touch!

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