The Ashdown Forest in Pictures

I currently live in Danehill, on the outskirts of the Ashdown Forest, and ever since I have had a mode of transport I have been going up onto the Forest to explore. It is unusually as it has no single ‘wow’ view point or iconic feature that everyone swarms too, aside from Winnie the Pooh landmarks!

Back in the Autumn I thought I would try and photograph the Forest a bit more, as I am a firm believer that the UK has some incredible destinations, wildlife and scenery and I would much rather holiday in this country! The aim is that this body of work will reflect the changing seasons, the landscape of the Forest and some of the most recognisable features it has. It is also an opportunity for me to show off what I love most about the Forest, while also exploring some new areas that I haven’t been too before.

Those that have been following my work for a while will know I love rural life and I hope this project will sit along side the rest of my countryside and country life portfolio.

Print copies of these photos are available upon request.

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Forest Fire, 26th & 27th February