'Through the Seasons on Ashdown Forest'

Photographs by Craig Payne

Text by James Adler, CEO of The Conservators of Ashdown Forest

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Through the Seasons on Ashdown Forest‘ is a hardback book filled with over 100 photographs that show how the four seasons impact Ashdown Forest. From the snow covered valleys in the depths of Winter, to the cotton grass in Spring, the Marsh Gentians and heather in the height of Summer and golden hues filling every vista in Autumn.

Envisaged as a project to reflect the Forest in the 21st century, Craig first visited Ashdown Forest with his camera in March 2020, at the start of the first Covid-19 Lockdown. Two years later he has made over 180 visits to the Forest to produce a comprehensive study of its rich and varied landscape. Craig hopes this book is a pictorial representation of Ashdown Forest, highlighting lesser known areas along with the most popular scenes, showcasing why Ashdown is so key to flora, fauna and humans, reminding us why it must be cherished.

Through the Seasons on Ashdown Forest’ is being produced by Craig Payne with at least 50% of the profits going to the Conservators of Ashdown Forest. Please pre-order your copies via the official Ashdown Forest website before 1st October 2022. Books will be available from mid-November 2022, making them ideal Christmas gifts! Only a small number of additional copies will be produced, so please make sure you order your copies in advance.

Standard Copy – £27.50

Limited Edition Copy of 200, numbered and signed by Craig & James – £35

Postage & Packaging – £7, or collect from the Visitor Centre for free (date TBC)


May 2022 update & Limited Edition Prints!

 I am really excited to say that the book is now available to pre-order via the link above! James and I are delighted with the proof copies that we have received and the initial reception to the book has been fantastic.

Over the Summer I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing costs and it would be hugely appreciated if you could pre-order your copy instead of waiting for the print run to be completed, partly as I will only be printing a small number of additional copies to those pre-ordered.

I am equally delighted to say that I have released a collection of 21 Ashdown Forest photographs as limited edition prints. Printed on high quality archival paper, hand signed and limited to 100 copies each, the photographs can grace your walls and remind you of the beauty of the unique Ashdown Forest.

To view the limited edition prints please follow this link


Those that have been following my work for a while will know I love country life and this project sits along side the rest of my countryside inspired work, which can be viewed here, Country Life Portfolio.

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