'Ashdown Forest: Through the Seasons', the book - Coming in early 2022

Welcome to my project, ‘Ashdown Forest: Through the Seasons’.

As we entered the first Lockdown and my couples postponed their weddings I began to explore Ashdown Forest more and more. A dream of documenting the landscape throughout the year began to become more of a reality and fast forward 2 years the result in a series of limited edition prints and a soon to be produced book!

Ashdown inspired the stories of Winnie-the-Pooh, it is the home to rare heathland specialist species and provides an escape to so many during these uncertain times. It stands as a place we can visit with friends, somewhere we can loose ourselves in and a beautiful space where we can admire the beauty of nature. As a wilderness it embraces the harshest of Winter storms and the warmest of Summer days and this project looks at everything we love about it.


March 2022 update & Limited Edition Prints!

 I am really excited to say that James Adler, the new CEO of Ashdown Forest, and myself have been working on producing the finished photography book! This will be roughly A4 in size and filled with over 100 photographs. It will be available via a Kickstarter campaign in the next two or three months and I will only be producing a limited number of copies. Please do ‘sign up’ to be the first to receive news about the books launch.

In the meantime, I am delighted to say that I have released a collection of 21 Ashdown Forest photographs as limited edition prints. Printed on high quality archival paper, hand signed and limited to 100 copies each, the photographs can grace your walls and remind you of the beauty of the unique Ashdown Forest.

To view the limited edition prints please follow this link


Those that have been following my work for a while will know I love country life and this project sits along side the rest of my countryside inspired work, which can be viewed here, Country Life Portfolio.

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