Wedding Albums

When I ask my parents about their wedding they instantly say ‘Oh let’s get out our wedding album’. Their album is the most cherished possession they have, along with their wedding rings. All the stories from their wedding day can be remember by looking through their photos. Whether it is the relatives that are no longer with us, the (dodgy) fashions of the era, the cake and the family group photos, they all tell a story or remind them of a memory.

Each wedding album I offer is designed using photos you choose and these are brought together by myself to seamlessly tell the story of your day. I am a stickler for quality so only work with Jorgensen, one of the worlds best manufacturers based in Australia, as I only want to offer you high quality albums that will last the test of time and album fashions.

Your album can be tailored to the style, size and finish you would like like. You can go down the traditional route where each photo is mounted into the page, giving a classy and classic finish, or you can go modern with the photos being full bleed so they jump out at the page. You can even do a bit of both!

Your album can feature a photographic cover, a photo under a sheet of acrylic, a genuine leather cover or a linen cover, with or without embossing. I can also add a flysheet to start off your album and can add metal corners to protect each page of your traditional album!

When we meet for the first time, before you decided whether to book me, you will be able to look at these pictured albums. They are all from Real Weddings and give you an insight into how I approach and photograph a wedding day, while we chat about your day and get to know each other.